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Hello my name is Anna Goodwin aka Hoop Therapist. 

    I started my hoop journey in January 2014. I got inspired to pick up a hula hoop from watching a friend hoop at Bonnaroo 2013. At the time I suffered from depression and wasn't very active. I tried barre classes, cycling, and even yoga but none of them were "fun" enough to keep me interested. I decided to call up that friend from Bonnaroo and ask her to teach me how to hula hoop. She gifted me a beginner hoop and taught me the basics. After the first spin I became addicted. Time flew by when I picked up my hula hoop and I was having so much fun! It didn't even feel like a workout to me even though I was covered in sweat and out of breath. This practice became an obsession, before work I would make time to hoop for at least an hour or more. Durning my breaks I would watch Youtube tutorials and flow videos, taking in as much inspiration as I could. Months went by and the dedication never faded. My confidence started to grow, and (major bonus) I lost weight! Hooping started changing me in the most beautiful ways. 

    As I learned more and more through hoopers on Youtube I started to document my progress. I posted a video on my YouTube channel every month leading all the way up to my one year Hoopiversary. This helped me see what tricks looked like on video, improve my posture, and also get comfortable with filming myself. I decided to create an Instagram account, @hoop_therapist, to connect with other hoopers and continue to track my progress. Why Hoop Therapist? I was a licensed massage therapist when I started my journey. So I thought I would combine the two things I loved doing at the time. Another reason is because hooping became my therapy. Hooping allowed me to tap into a flow state which is one of the most therapeutic states the brain can be in. Tapping into that flow with hooping is similar to a deep mediation for me. Nothing else matters, no external or internal thoughts arise, just moving with my hoop transitioning from one trick to the next, lost in flow. Teaching and sharing with others the art of hoop dance flow is my goal. 

Performance Experience: 

Hoopcamp '15

Electric Forest Hoop Troupe '16

Hulaween Music Festival '16 

Local performances in Nashville with artist - Adara 

Nick Black - One Night Love Music Video 

Nashville Circus Spectacular '18 

Performances at Old Glory with Suspended Gravity '19 - 20