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Scroll down for a few highlighted tutorials From my youtube channel.

No Handed Smear

Learn the No Handed Smear and the elbow variation. One of my favorite moves inspired by the amazing Caterina Suttin. 

The Duckout

This trick is very close to my heart. It was the first tutorial I watched when I started hooping and made me realize what all you could do with a hoop. I hope you enjoy it! 

Pizza toss tips

Pizza is great but pizza tosses are even BETTER! Hope you all enjoy these tips! 

Pizza Toss to on-body hooping

Pizza Toss to On-Body Hooping - 

four different ways:

Pizza Toss to Shoulder Hooping

..... to Chest Hooping

..... to Waist Hooping 

..... to Leg Hooping 

Vertical Hooping Tips

Need some extra pointers to help you with your vertical hooping?! Check out this tutorial! 

Combo tutorial

Combo Tutorial inspired by a Combo Card four card draw 

Smear - Wedgie - Behind the Back - Escalator 

Back roll foot pop

Fun crowd pleaser trick! Roll the hoop down your back then pop it up into the air with your foot! Very fun and satisfying move!