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Combo Cards

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Ways to Play

Play with flowmies

Help with hoop Ruts

Play with flowmies

Deal three or more cards to each hooper, have everyone create their own combo and share. OR pull three or more cards everyone creates their own combo with the cards pulled. 

Trick inspiration

Help with hoop Ruts

Play with flowmies

Pull one card to get inspired to try new tricks. See how many tricks you know using that one card or pull a trick card you're not familiar with and learn new moves. Click Tutorials for inspiration and to learn various tricks. 

Help with hoop Ruts

Help with hoop Ruts

Help with hoop Ruts

Feel like you're in a hoop rut? Get out the deck to help inspire new combos and ways to move with your hoop. Pull three or more to create a new combo to add to your flow. 

Share your combo

Trick Card Examples

Help with hoop Ruts

Love the combo you created with your Combo Cards - tag me on Instagram @hoop_therapist with the hashtag #combocardcreation 

Try with doubles

Trick Card Examples

Trick Card Examples

Go through the deck and pick out the trick cards that you do in your doubles flow. Create new combos by pulling three or more cards. 

Trick Card Examples

Trick Card Examples

Trick Card Examples

Click the button below to check out a few examples of the cards. 


Combo Cards


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Deck of tricks created to help spark creativity and learning in your hoop practice. Pull three or more cards to create combos. Play with up to 9 hoopers! 


30 Trick Cards 

1 Instruction Card

4 Create your own Cards

Domestic Shipping - $5 

International Shipping - is an additional $9.75 - I will invoice you the amount then ship it once it is paid. 



Basic Vertical Lasso 

Horizontal Lasso 

Low Lasso 

Mandala (two handed & one handed) 

Behind the Back Lasso 

and more....


Fun transition move. 

Bouncing the hoop off the ground from a toss exploring various ways you can catch the hoop. 


Popping the hoop off the body. 

Chest roll Pop Up  

Hand Pop Up 

Iso Pop Up  (tutorial on my youtube channel) 

Elbow Pop Up 

and more....


Locking the hoop on various parts of the body. 

Vertical Front Body Lock 

Horizontal Behind the Back  Lock 

Side Vertical Two Armed Lock 

and more.....


Ducking out of the hoop. 

Shoulder Duckouts 

Body Duckouts

Vertical Shoulder Duckouts

Wedgie Duckouts 

and more....


There are 30 trick cards in the deck which means there are so many possibilities. Push your creativity and learning while exploring new combos.